User Guide Levono Tab M7

It’s time to embrace digital more than ever before so we’ve put together a list of a few apps for our learners, but the list will also help people who are self isolating. These are particulalry important for people who may feel very lonely and anxious. This is a basic list aimed at our learners and therefore many people will be aware of these, but if you are, it might be a good idea to start sharing them with friends and relatives.


Popular phone, video and messaging app.

This can be particuarly good for group messages, nice to have one group chat for friends and one for family so you can all chat together. It may be worth setting a group up with your neighbours in case anyone needs a hand with anything.

Video is great to have a face-to-face chat to colleagues or loved ones who can’t leave the house.


Phone, video and messaging app


Video calls available on apple devices

Group video chats


Allows up to 4 people to chat

Google Hangout



A good app for meetings for those working from home.

Social Media

You can use your email, but social media is also a great way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives, news, local community groups, services and charities. There will be Facebook groups for example that will set up to help local residents that are isolated.

However, please protect yourself from the negative news on social media for your mental health, block any pages or individuals that make you feel anxious and don’t believe everything you read. For coronavirus advice please see the links at the bottom of this document.

On a more postive note, there are many people sharing light-hearted and funny posts on social media to make you smile!

The free main channels listed below and all have direct messaging too. 





Useful Apps

There are also plenty of fun apps to keep you busy and stimulated. Just a few suggestions here, use a search engine to find the best ones for you, and remember you don’t need to pay for most!

TV and film streaming servcies





Susie Two Words

Word game you can play between two people


Flow Free

Jigsaw puzzles

Brain Training exercises

Online books and magazines


BBC Skillwise

Google Digital Garage

Open University

Ted – interseting talks on different subjects

Duolingo – learn a language


Lots of entertaining videos, including tutorials so you can learn new skills.



Create social media pictures, posters for events, e- birthday cards etc.

Quick Draw

Fun drawing challenges

Family History

Research your family tree

Google Earth

Have fun exploring the globe!

Remember if you want to improve your digtial skills from home then you can continue using Learn My Way or register for free! Our Centre number is 467.

Useful health websites

NHS Direct

Research and manage conditions

NHS Apps

Useful apps for both mental and physical health


Link with your GP practice


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cambridgeshire and Near Cambridgeshire

Other Useful Links:

Kingwood Lodge – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Cambridge

NHS Apps Library

Healthwatch Cambridgeshire

NHS Carers Network


Learn My Way – Improving Health Online

Computer tutorials based on pictures, not words

Microsoft Windows Help

Citizens Advice – general advice guide page

Cambridge CAB

Government information about benefits in general

Financial help if you are disabled (from

CamSight, a charity advising the blind and visually impaired

Disability Cambridgeshire, information service for disabled people and their carers who live or work in Cambridgeshire (previously Directions Plus)


Cambridge Online Information Website  (Link to our original COLC website with lots of local information about Cambridge.)

Disabled Workers Co-operative

The Silver Line

Cambridgeshire Libraries

Job searching

One Switch

Help Kidz Learn


Symbol World

Play Kids Games

Star Fall

R J Cooper

New Jigsaws


A Colouring Site

Free colouring pages


BBC iPlayer 

Free interactive and educational maths lessons

Count Us In Maths Games