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Our New Offices

Our new offices at Allia Future Business Centre, CB4 2HY are open to book an appointment in. 

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Here people can use our 2 client computers and internet, receive signposting and advice on various subjects from updating CV’s to completing online courses etc please contact us to book an appointment

Or if you need to enquire about other help, please contact us here:
01223 800450 (temporary number)

You can also catch us at our Computer Club Drop-Ins around the city; check here for more info 


and if you are interested in helping our team with our work
please click here for more info on volunteering.

Or you can help us continue our work by donating here

All sessions are free to attend and intended for residents of Cambridge and South Cambs.



Individuals or families needing internet, data? Please fill in this form Online
alternatively you can download this form, fill-in & send to

please feel free to refer urgent clients for device donations using the same form above

We are still in need of Donated Laptops, Tablets & Phones(please include pins)
to work through the queue of applicants faster.

If you would prefer to make a cash donation to aid our refurbished devices or outreach, please 

Click this Link to Donate

From April 23-24 we provided around £25,000 of vital data and digital lifelines in refurbished devices.
This is on top of the thousands of hours of tech support, tutoring and company we provided our wonderful clients.
If you want to get involved in any way then please get in touch on




For full details of our current services, please use the links above or contact us at 
01223 800450 (temporary)or email 
We look forward to hearing from you!


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