As a small independent charity, Cambridge Online has to raise £72,000 each year to pay for running costs.  We currently receive around £30,000 in grants from Cambridge City Council.  We have no other regular income, so everything else comes from raising funds through business sponsorship, fees, grants and personal donations.

We are currently looking for support and sponsorship from businesses. We welcome potential donors to our learning centre, and are happy to answer any questions or provide additional information.  If you are thinking of Business Sponsorship please contact Andrew Entecott.

  • £200 will provide a computer tablet & 4G to a person or family in need
  • £6000 will pay running costs for one month
  • £900 can provide IT training for a disabled person for twelve months
  • £200 will pay a volunteer tutor’s expenses for a year
  • £130 will buy an alternative keyboard
  • £100 will pay for an alternative mouse
  • £50 means a disabled person can access a computer
  • £35 will pay for a computer tutorial

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Our TEXT Donation service has been discontinued by the provider, so please do not use this method any more.

Or you can send us a cheque payable to “Cambridge Online” contact

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