Our Services

Face to face services are currently suspended, but we are able to offer all courses remotely with phone and email support.  Just contact us if you would like support to do a course. Call 01223 300407 or email help@cambridgeonline.org.uk

Learn My Way – Remote learning available

We have a wide range of courses available, but most people start with the Using a computer or device course from Learn My Way, supported by one of our digital champion volunteers.  This subject will help you learn about using a computer or mobile device such as a phone or tablet.  As well as the basics of using a keyboard, a mouse or a touchscreen, you’ll also learn about what your computer can do and how to make the most of it.

When you have learnt these skills, people often move on to the Online basics course.   The courses in this subject will teach you how to search and explore the internet, keep in touch using email, and fill in forms online – all while being safe and secure.

Following on there are many more courses including: More internet skills; Online safety; Finding a job online; Improving your health online; Managing your money online; and Public services online.

All the above courses are provided free of charge.

We can also provide one to one training according to your individual need – so for example, if you want to learn about Spreadsheets or Word-processing, we can help you with that.  Depending on your circumstances, these courses can usually be provided free, or at low cost.

Other support

We also run public access points and outreach sessions at various other centres around the City.

To book or find out more about any of our courses and other support, call our information line – 01223 300407

See our Useful Links page for links to other websites providing online learning and guides to using a computer and accessing the internet.