Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health 2022-2023


There is no denying the fact that the past few years have been difficult for everyone. Whether you’ve suffered through the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2022 strikes or the cost of living, the cost of these issues is our mental health.

Millions of people across the UK are currently struggling with the cost of living, with families, pensioners and those on universal credit struggling the most. If you think that you need help with the cost of living, then visit the GOV.UK website for help.

With people struggling to cover the cost of bills, food shops, rent and mortgages, we are already seeing increased pressure on mental health services up and down the country.

More people than ever are struggling with depression and anxiety, with a recent study carried out by the ONS finding that 77% percent of adults across the UK admitting that they are now either very or somewhat worried about the rising cost of living [1].

With mental health declining up and down the country, more and more people will be abusing drugs and particularly alcohol as a way to temporarily escape these issues. [2 ] However, as we well know, this simply is not the best way forward and will only exacerbate your issues in the long term [3].

Take a look at our below infographic which lays out some important facts and figures about the current cost of living crisis, and how it might be affecting mental health issues up and down the country.


Cost Of Living Infographic

Introduction by Keith Prance


[2] See article ‘alcohol rehab Cambridge’