Pen Pictures

Brian is one example of somebody who has used the service to great benefit. A person with enduring mental illness, Brian used to spend most of his time at a day centre dozing, and did not engage in any activity. After encouragement from day centre and Cambridge Online staff, Brian began a ten week computer literacy course with a fellow service user. Since then Brian’s use of the computer has flourished, using email to keep in touch with relatives, the internet for research into music and soaps, and word processor to write letters and poems. He moved on to the drop-in sessions where support was reduced, and has now progressed on to become a confident mentor, encouraging and supporting others to access and use our service.

David has a mild learning disability and is in his mid-40s. He has worked as an architectural assistant for many years and has helped to draw the schemes for many buildings. Although David is very capable and reliable, he found it impossible to cope with converting his drawing skills to the computer. We were approached by a relative who explained the situation. As a result David attended our service for over a year, and we were able to provide an individual tutor for two hours each week, converting his skills to a computer aided design application. Following his time with us, David was much more able to re-gain employment (and huge personal satisfaction) as an architectural assistant.

Peter has cerebral palsy which severely restricts the control he has over his limbs. With help from Cambridge Online he has learnt how to use a computer using a switch which he controls by turning his head. He uses the computer to view photographs, music videos and games.

Audrey is a university professor who had a stroke which left her unable to use her computer – she could only use one hand for typing, and her memory for spelling words was severely impaired. Having been taught by Cambridge Online she is now able to use voice recognition software to use the computer for word processing, emails, and internet research.